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Uniformed Services Members: Help Protect Your Family with the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
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Caregiving: The FLTCIP Offers Support When You Need It Most
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Home for the Holidays
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The  Law

The Law

The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) was established by Public Law 106-265, The Long-Term Care Security Act. It is codified in Title 5, Part III, Subpart G, Chapter 90, of the U.S. Code. Chapter 90 has subsequently been amended by several additional laws, mostly pertaining to the groups eligible to apply for insurance under the FLTCIP.

The links below lead to a current copy of this portion of the U.S. Code and to the original and amending laws.

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Apply Today!

Federal family members can apply for coverage anytime—you do not have to wait for the next open season. Premiums are based on your age and the premium rates in effect at the time we receive your application—the younger you are when you apply, the lower your premium will be.

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