With the FLTCIP, Designing a Plan Is Easier Than You Think

Members of the Federal family often say how easy it is to apply for coverage with the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP). And it's no wonder. All it takes to design a plan are three simple decisions. So if you've put off applying to the FLTCIP because you thought it would be difficult, it's time... Read more...

Compare the FLTCIP with other long term care insurance offerings with our Benefits and Features Worksheet.
Compare the FTCIP with other long term care insurance offerings with our Benefits and Fearures Worksheet.

Why plan now?
Long term care can be expensive. By planning now, you can preserve more of your future savings and assets for needs other than long term care. You’ll also have greater control over your care.


Planning Tools

Planning Tools

Long term care insurance is an excellent option for addressing long term care needs; however, this insurance may not be for everybody. The tools in this section are meant to help you determine if long term care insurance is right for you.

2 Great Ways  to Help Determine Your Long Term Care Needs

Online Consultant Tool

Launch an interactive version of our tools to walk through the entire process using educational videos and examples of real-life stories.

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Express Tools

Use the tools below individually or together step-by-step to complete a personalized summary of your results.

Find the average LTC costs in your area.

My Family Will Take Care of Me as I Age

Myth 2: My Family Will Take Care of Me

In today's society, adult children are more apt to live further away from their parents. In addition, many adult children are taking less vacation time and working longer hours. Taking care of a family member is a time-consuming commitment that often demands a significant number of hours from multiple family members.

Even if family members can find the time to provide caregiving to a family member, it often comes at a tremendous financial cost. Caregiving can cost the average caregiver in lost wages, pension benefits, and Social Security.

While having a family take care of you might be an option, it might be difficult to do without additional assistance.

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