Long term care certification
A written statement describing the nature and degree of physical or cognitive loss, how long services may be needed, and the services that may be required.

Substantial assistance
Hands-on assistance, which is physical help by another person, or standby assistance, which is the presence of another person within arm's reach to prevent injury by physical intervention or cuing.

Substantial supervision
Continual monitoring by another person to protect you from threats to your health and safety, for instance, while wandering.

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Eligibility Requirements

You may be eligible to receive the benefits of your plan if a licensed health care practitioner has certified in the last 12 months that:

  • you are unable to perform, without substantial assistance from another person, at least two activities of daily living for an expected period of at least 90 days due to a loss of functional capacity; or
  • you require substantial supervision due to your severe cognitive impairment

What are activities of daily living?

If you need substantial assistance from another person to complete any of these activities, then you are dependent for that activity. Activities of daily living include:


  • getting into and out of a tub or shower
  • washing your body in a tub, shower, or by sponge bath
  • washing your hair in a tub, shower, or sink


  • maintaining control of bowel and bladder function
  • when unable to maintain control of bowel or bladder function, performing associated personal hygiene (including caring for a catheter or colostomy bag)


  • putting on and taking off all clothing items and any necessary braces, fasteners, or artificial limbs


  • feeding yourself by getting food into your mouth from a container (such as a plate or cup), including the use of utensils when appropriate (such as a spoon or fork)
  • when unable to feed yourself from a container, feeding yourself by a feeding tube or intravenously


  • getting on and off the toilet
  • performing associated personal hygiene


  • getting into and out of a bed, chair, or wheelchair

What is a severe cognitive impairment?

A severe cognitive impairment is a deterioration or loss in intellectual capacity (such as Alzheimer's disease) that:

  • places you in jeopardy of harming yourself or others and, therefore, you require substantial supervision by another person
  • is measured by clinical evidence and standardized tests that reliably measure impairment in:
    • short or long term memory
    • orientation to people, places, or time
    • deductive or abstract reasoning

Filing a claim.

Filing a Claim

To start the claims process, review the eligibility requirements and then call us. When you call, you will reach one of our customer service consultants (CSC), who will explain the process and review the initial information we need from you, including the required forms you must complete and submit to begin your claim.

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