Invoices may be submitted to:

Long Term Care Partners, LLC
P.O. Box 797
Greenland, NH 03840-0797


Fax: 1-866-513-2674

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Invoice Reimbursement

Invoice Reimbursement

Payment of benefits

We pay benefits using the expense-incurred method. This method reimburses you for actual charges you incur for covered services received up to a specific dollar amount. We only pay for services based on invoices that are submitted directly to us. And, the providers and services must match your approved plan of care.

Payments are either issued by electronic funds transfer (EFT) to your bank account or by check mailed to you. To initiate claims payments via EFT, please complete the Claimant Authorization of Claims Payments via Electronic Funds Transfer form. This form should be returned with a voided check.

Each time a payment is made for service provided for your care, an explanation of benefits is mailed to you and is available within your online account for your review. You'll typically receive reimbursement within 10 days after all required documents have been received.

Assignment of benefits

Payments are usually made to you, the claimant, for expenses incurred. However, you have the option to request direct payment to certain home care agencies or facilities. Under this option, invoices are submitted directly to us by the provider and payments are made directly to the provider. To select this option, you must complete the Assignment of Benefits Form.

If your provider would like to be reimbursed by EFT, please offer them the Provider Authorization of Claims Payments via Electronic Funds Transfer form. This form should be returned with the completed Assignment of Benefits and W-9 forms.

Note: The assignment of benefits option is only available for home care agencies and facilities within the United States. And, it is not available for informal caregivers.

Advanced billing

Some providers bill for services before they have been incurred. This is commonly referred to as advanced billing and is only allowed for services rendered in a nursing home or an assisted living facility. If a facility does bill in advance, payments are not made until after the first of the following month.

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Claims Forms

Important forms and instructions are available to download online to assist you in the reimbursement of approved care expenses. These include the Informal Caregiver Invoice to document services provided by an informal caregiver at home, the Assignment of Benefits Form to request that payments for benefits be made directly to certain providers, and the Authorization of Claims Payments via Electronic Funds Transfer forms for claimants and providers.

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