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Tax Information

Tax Information

How do reimbursements affect my taxes?

Since the FLTCIP is a tax-qualified long term care insurance plan, benefits you receive are not considered taxable income.

You will receive a 1099-LTC for all claims payments that are made to you. We will also issue a 1099-MISC for claims payments that are made directly to a provider. These forms are mailed by the end of January for payments made in the previous year.

Please consult with your tax advisor or certified public accountant to determine your responsibilities for an informal caregiver.

Are my expenses deductible?

IRS Publication 502, Medical and Dental Expenses, provides information about what expenses you can include as a deduction. You cannot include medical expenses that were paid for by the FLTCIP, whether they were paid to you or the provider of the medical services.

Note: This is not intended to provide tax advice. Always consult your tax attorney or certified public accountant when dealing with tax deductibility considerations.

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Claims Forms

Important forms and instructions are available to download online to assist you in the reimbursement of approved care expenses. These include the Informal Caregiver Invoice to document services provided by an informal caregiver at home, the Assignment of Benefits Form to request that payments for benefits be made directly to certain providers, and the Authorization of Claims Payments via Electronic Funds Transfer forms for claimants and providers.

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