FLTCIP Glossary of Terms

assisted living facility: a facility that satisfies all of the following:

  • maintains all appropriate licensing required under the laws of the jurisdiction in which it is located to provide maintenance or personal care; and
  • provides care and services 24 hours a day sufficient to assist residents with needs which result from the inability to perform activities of daily living or from severe cognitive impairment; and
  • has a minimum of three residents; and
  • uses aides trained or certified to provide maintenance or personal care consistent with any laws applicable to the provision of such care; and
  • provides 24 hour supervision of residents by a trained and awake staff; and
  • has formal arrangements for emergency medical care; and
  • maintains written records of services provided to each resident; and
  • provides residents with three meals a day; and
  • has appropriate methods and procedures to assist in administering prescribed drugs where allowed by law.

The term includes any such facility that specializes in the care of persons with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. The term does not include:

  • any facility used primarily to provide residential services and not maintenance or personal care, such as congregate living, sheltered living, home for the aged, retirement homes, senior housing, or the independent living units of a continuing care retirement community or similar entity; or
  • a place for the treatment of drug addiction or alcoholism; or
  • a facility where most of the residents are related to the owner or manager.

If a facility has more than one license or purpose, only that section of the facility specifically meeting the definition of assisted living facility will qualify as an assisted living facility.

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