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Help Protect Your Family with the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
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Uniformed Services Members: Help Protect Your Family with the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
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Caregiving: The FLTCIP Offers Support When You Need It Most
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Navigating This Website

Navigating This Website

The image below shows the navigation elements of this website.

Home Page

  • Primary Navigation: The primary navigation is a white and gray bar that contains a mega menu that runs across the top of each page next to the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) logo. It contains links to the major sections of the website, including general information about long term care, FLTCIP plan details, planning tools, additional resources, and ways to apply for coverage. When you roll your mouse over one of the main menu items, the mega menu will expand, displaying links along with additional explanatory information for each section.

    Mega Menu Navigation
  • Secondary Navigation: The secondary navigation is a blue bar that appears at the top of each page. These links will take you to additional information about the FLTCIP, contact information, help documentation, and My LTCFEDS Account Login. On the right side you will find a link for printing the current page and a search bar.

  • Footer Navigation: This navigation appears at the bottom of each page and includes links to some of the most-often visited pages on the FLTCIP website. On the right side is a direct link to our secure email contact form, just underneath our contact information.

The Home Page

The home page features a clickable slideshow with links to sections of the site that most interest the majority of our users. Click on any image to learn more. You can also navigate between the slides by clicking the slide selector on the right side.

Underneath the slideshow are additional featured topics with links that will take you directly to those sections of the FLTCIP website.

The My LTCFEDS Account Section

Once you have logged into your My LTCFEDS account, you will notice a change to the mega menu in the primary navigation area. In place of the "Apply" menu item is "My LTCFEDS," where you can access different parts of your account.

The My LTCFEDS account section is also identified by its different color scheme and different links in the footer navigation area.

My LTCFEDS Account Page

The Agency Benefits Officers Section

Agency benefits officers (ABOs) play an important part in the communications of the FLTCIP to the Federal family. Therefore, ABOs have their own section with information specific to their needs and concerns.

The Agency Benefits Officers Main Page maintains the same primary navigation and secondary navigation as the rest of the website, but it adds another navigation menu on the right side of the page, which contains links to all of the main pages within the ABO section.

The Application Section

In the application section of the website, the mega menu is no longer present and the footer is truncated, with fewer options.

Application Section