icon for instructionsBefore you begin selecting a long term care insurance plan, you should estimate how much care you think you will need and how much that care might cost. Costs of care vary depending on geographic location.

When using this tool, consider where you think you will be located at the time you will need care. For example, if you currently live in Vermont, but you plan to retire to Florida, you may want to look at the costs in Florida.

To use this tool:

  1. Select a state from the top dropdown menu. This automatically populates the lower dropdown menu with cities.
  2. Next, select a city. If your city is not on the list, select the closest city.
  3. Click the "Find the Cost of Care" button to continue.
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Cost of Care Tool

The three most common care options are home health care, assisted living, and nursing home care. To find the average costs in your area for each of these care options, select your state and nearest city below. Then, click the "Find the Cost of Care" button.

All costs are based on the John Hancock 2016 Cost of Care Survey.