icon for instructions You can use this tool to calculate premiums for one or more of the FLTCIP's prepackaged plans. Or, you can customize your own plan and pick the options that best suit your needs.

To use this calculator:

  1. Choose one of the four prepackaged plans or choose to customize your own plan within the table by clicking the appropriate circle next to the name of that plan. Your choices are "Plan A," "Plan B," "Plan C," "Plan D," or "Customize Your Plan."
  2. If you choose "Customize Your Plan":
    1. Select your daily benefit amount (DBA). This is the maximum amount your insurance will pay in any single day. The FLTCIP offers eight DBAs from $100 to $450 in $50 increments.
    2. Select your benefit period. This is the length of time benefits will be paid if you receive benefits each and every day equal to your DBA. You can choose from a two-year, three-year, five-year or unlimited benefit period.
    3. The waiting period under the FLTCIP is 90 days. The waiting period is the number of calendar days during which you must be eligible for benefits before we will pay benefits. It is sometimes referred to as an elimination period or a deductible.

  3. Select your inflation protection. You can choose between two automatic compound inflation options that will increase by either 4% or 5% compounded every year. Your premium does not increase annually as a result of this annual increase in benefits. However, premiums are not guaranteed.*

    Or, you can choose the future purchase option. With this option, you are given the opportunity to increase your DBA and maximum lifetime benefit every two years with a corresponding increase in your premium. Premiums are not guaranteed.*

    * Premiums are not guaranteed. Premiums can increase only if you are among a group of enrollees whose premium is determined to be inadequate and both the U.S. Office of Personnel Management and the insurer agree to the rate change.
  4. Choose how to view your premiums. You can view premiums either biweekly or monthly.
  5. Click the "Continue" button.


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Premium Calculator

To calculate a premium for coverage under the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP), either select a prepackaged plan or choose to customize your plan below. For any plan you select, you must also choose an inflation protection option. Then click "Continue."

Premiums are based on your age, the premium rates and the plan options in effect at the time we receive your application. The premiums and plan options quoted within the online premium calculator are valid until October 18, 2019. If you do not apply by October 18, 2019 or your next birthday, whichever comes first, you must recalculate your premium.

Important: These rate quotes cannot calculate changes to your existing plan. If you are enrolled in the FLTCIP already and want to change your benefits, please call us.

Your birth date:      
Select a New Plan Covered Services Daily Benefit Amount Benefit Period Waiting Period
Comprehensive $150.00 / day 2 years 90 days
Comprehensive $150.00 / day 3 years 90 days
Comprehensive $200.00 / day 3 years 90 days
Comprehensive $200.00 / day 5 years 90 days
Comprehensive 90 days

Choose how to view your premium payments: