Compare the FLTCIP with other long term care insurance offerings with our Benefits and Features Worksheet.
Compare the FTCIP with other long term care insurance offerings with our Benefits and Fearures Worksheet.


News and Announcements

Recent news, articles, and press releases about the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) appear below. Previous news items are listed in the News Archives section.

Note: FLTCIP premiums are based on your age and the premium rates in effect at the time we receive your application. The premiums included in our articles are only valid as of the date they are written. To verify FLTCIP premium rates before you apply, visit our Premium Calculator.

News Item Podcast* Date
Alzheimer's Disease: Planning for an Unknown Future
The Benefits of Long Term Care Insurance Are Invaluable
Responsible Claims Handling Is a Hallmark of the FLTCIP
Ensure Mom Has the Care She Needs
Home for the Holidays
Show Your Parents You Care
Caregiving Presents Workplace Challenges for Women
Podcast 05/06/2014
The FLTCIP Delivers Value
Podcast 12/13/2013
The FLTCIP Reflects Your Preference for Home Care
Podcast 12/13/2013
Long Term Care Issues Every Woman Should Consider
Podcast 12/13/2013
New and Newly Eligible Employees: It May Never Be Easier to Apply to the FLTCIP
Podcast 09/11/2012
Planning Ahead with the FLTCIP
Planning for Retirement? Make the FLTCIP Part of Your Plan
With the FLTCIP, Designing a Plan Is Easier Than You Think

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