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Help Protect Your Family with the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
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Uniformed Services Members: Help Protect Your Family with the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program
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Caregiving: The FLTCIP Offers Support When You Need It Most
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With the FLTCIP, Designing a Plan Is Easier Than You Think

"This is surprisingly easy."

Members of the Federal family often say how easy it is to apply for coverage with the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP). And it's no wonder. All it takes to design a plan are three simple decisions. So if you've put off applying to the FLTCIP because you thought it would be difficult, it's time to take another look.

Designing a Plan Is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What should my daily benefit amount be? This is the maximum amount of insurance your plan will pay for a single day of long term care services. With the FLTCIP, you can choose between $100 and $450, in $50 increments.
  • How long should my benefit period last? This is the length of time your benefits will last if you need care every day, equal to your daily benefit amount. With the FLTCIP, you can choose a two-, three-, or five-year benefit period, or unlimited coverage.
  • Which inflation protection option do I prefer? This determines the rate at which your coverage will increase over time to help it keep up with rising long term care costs. With the FLTCIP, you can choose the future purchase option, which allows you to accept or decline biennial offers of additional coverage (based on increases in the Consumer Price Index). Or you can choose one of the automatic compound inflation options that increase your benefits at a rate of either 4% or 5%, compounded annually.

Enjoy the Simplicity of Prepackaged Plans

The FLTCIP offers four prepackaged plans that combine the most popular daily benefit amounts and benefit periods. These plans have been designed to accommodate a variety of needs and budgets. In fact, two-thirds of FLTCIP applicants have opted for one of these prepackaged plans.

The most popular prepackaged plan, Plan B, features a daily benefit amount of $150 per day and a benefit period of three years. A 45-year-old who makes this selection and chooses the 4% automatic compound inflation option will pay a biweekly premium of $33.901.

Customized plans are also available. To view plan options or to calculate your own premium, visit

Online and Personalized Help Is Available

To learn more about the FLTCIP's comprehensive benefits and features, register for one of our upcoming webinars or view our existing library of webinar recordings at If you'd like to explore more information on your own, visit the Online Consultant Tool, which uses video and interactive features to help you learn about long term care and design a FLTCIP plan that suits your needs.

For personalized assistance, call 1-800-LTC-FEDS (1-800-582-3337) TTY 1-800-843-3557 to speak with a program consultant. Our consultants are available to answer any questions you may have and can walk you step-by-step through the plan design and application process.

More about the FLTCIP

Established by an act of Congress in 2000 and overseen by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the FLTCIP is designed to meet the specific needs of the Federal family. The FLTCIP provides industry-leading benefits and offers flexible options that allow enrollees to tailor coverage to meet their needs.

Certain medical conditions, or combinations of conditions, will prevent some people from being approved for coverage. You need to apply to find out if you are eligible for this coverage.

1 Premiums not guaranteed. The premium for your group (for example, those with the same plan design or set of benefits) may only increase if it's determined to be inadequate. While the group policy is in effect, OPM must approve an increase in premium.

Note: FLTCIP premiums are based on your age and the premium rates in effect at the time we receive your application. The premiums included in our articles are only valid as of the date they are written. To verify FLTCIP premium rates before you apply, visit our Premium Calculator.

The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program is sponsored by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, offered by John Hancock Life & Health Insurance Company, and administered by Long Term Care Partners, LLC.

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Apply Today!

Federal family members can apply for coverage anytime—you do not have to wait for the next open season. Premiums are based on your age and the premium rates in effect at the time we receive your application—the younger you are when you apply, the lower your premium will be.

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