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When Should I Apply for Long Term Care Insurance?

When Should I Apply for Long Term Care Insurance?

You can purchase long term care insurance at any time as long as you are able to pass medical underwriting. Since the cost for this insurance is generally based on your age at the time of application, your premiums will be lower the younger you are when you apply.

You will need to weigh the availability of your resources and your own personal financial needs to help you decide when it is best to apply for long term care insurance.

Here are a few words of caution as you make your decision. It is important that you apply for long term care insurance when you are in good health. That is because most long term care insurance plans list certain medical conditions, or combinations of conditions, that will prevent some people from being approved for coverage.

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Federal family members can apply for coverage anytime—you do not have to wait for the next open season. Premiums are based on your age and the premium rates in effect at the time we receive your application—the younger you are when you apply, the lower your premium will be.

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