Welcome to the federal family. As a new or newly eligible employee or uniformed service member, you can apply for Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) coverage using abbreviated underwriting if you apply within 60 days of your hire date, or eligibility date. This means we ask fewer questions about your health to determine if you're approved for coverage.

Who can apply?

The following federal and U.S. Postal Service employees, active uniformed service members, and spouses can apply with abbreviated underwriting.

New hire

applying within 60 days of your hire date


of a new or newly eligible employee applying within 60 days of the employee's hire or eligibility date

Newly eligible employee

applying within 60 days of your eligibility date: This includes:

  • an employee who transferred from a position that was not eligible for the FLTCIP to one that is
  • an employee who returned to an eligible position after a break in government service of at least 180 days

Newly married spouse

of an employee applying within 60 days of your marriage date

Actively at work

Employees or uniformed service members who submit an abbreviated underwriting application must be actively at work at least one day during the week prior to your coverage going into effect, for it to become effective. This does not apply to spouses.

Get started

Find a Plan

Our Guided Planner will help you build a plan based on three benefit choices. These, along with your age, will determine your coverage and premium.


You have 60 days from the date you were hired, or became eligible, to apply with abbreviated underwriting. Download a kit, or apply online.

Need help?

Our program consultants can walk you step-by-step through the plan design process, provide personalized quotes, and help you complete an application for coverage.

Make the most out of the coverage available to you. Certain family members, including your parents, are eligible to apply for FLTCIP coverage, even if you don't. Talk to your eligible family members about this important program.