Your security is important to us.

That is why we strengthened the security of your personal information on by increasing authentication when accessing your My LTCFEDS account.

Enhanced login authentication

You are now required to enable a phone number to receive a one-time verification code by text message or voice call every time you log in or reset your credentials.

Log into your MY LTCFEDS account to set this up today.

This is a common security practice and is referred to as "two-factor" or "multi-factor authentication."

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a layered approach to securing online account access that requires users to provide two or more authentication factors before they can log in. MFA enhances security because even if one authenticator (such as a password) becomes compromised, it is unlikely an unauthorized or malicious user will also have access to an additional authenticator (such as entering a verification code sent to your mobile device).

Traditionally websites only required a user ID and password to access online accounts, and users would often choose easy-to-remember passwords repeated across multiple sites. This made security information more vulnerable and potentially exposed it to malicious phishing attacks.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides a better way to protect your online accounts by adding an additional layer of security. MFA not only requires you to provide something you know such as your password or answer to a security question, but it also requires something you have such as a verification code sent to your mobile device, and/or something that you are such as your fingerprint or face scan.

By increasing the combination of authentication factors required to log in, it becomes even more difficult for an unauthorized user to access your online account.

Visit the multi-factor authentication section of or download the Digital Identity Guidelines from for more information on multi-factor authentication and the federal government's cybersecurity recommendations.