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Starting a Claim


Review eligibility requirements

You may be eligible to receive the benefits of your plan if a licensed health care practitioner has certified in the last 12 months that you are unable to perform, without substantial assistance from another person, at least two activities of daily living for an expected period of at least 90 days due to a loss of functional capacity, or you require substantial supervision due to your severe cognitive impairment.

Activities of daily living


Bathing means getting into and out of a tub or shower; washing your body in a tub, shower, or by sponge bath; and washing your hair in a tub, shower, or sink.


Continence means maintaining control of bowel and bladder function and when unable to maintain control of bowel or bladder function, performing associated personal hygiene (including caring for a catheter or colostomy bag).


Dressing means putting on and taking off all clothing items and any necessary braces, fasteners, or artificial limbs.


Toileting means getting on and off the toilet and performing associated personal hygiene.


Transferring means getting into and out of a bed, chair, or wheelchair.


Eating means feeding yourself by getting food into your mouth from a container (such as a plate or cup), including the use of utensils when appropriate (such as a spoon or fork) and when unable to feed yourself from a container, feeding yourself by a feeding tube or intravenously.

Severe cognitive impairment

A severe cognitive impairment is a deterioration or loss in intellectual capacity (such as Alzheimer's disease) that places you in jeopardy of harming yourself or others and, therefore, you require substantial supervision by another person. It is measured by clinical evidence and standardized tests that reliably measure impairment in short or long term memory; orientation to people, places, or time; and deductive or abstract reasoning.


Contact customer service

If you think you meet the eligibility requirements above, call and speak to one of our customer service consultants. Our consultants will explain the claims process and review the information we need from you, including the required forms you must submit to begin your claim.

Authorizing others to speak for you

We are only authorized to speak with you, the policy holder. If you'd like to authorize us to speak with a designated person about your coverage, complete and return the Authorization for Disclosure of Information form. Note: You don't have to wait until you're eligible for benefits to do this. The sooner we have it on file, the better.

If you have a legal representative that is authorized to make decisions on your behalf, please submit a copy of your durable power of attorney or guardianship papers (as determined by your state of residence).

Understanding Powers of Attorney


Complete required forms

The FLTCIP Claims Initiation Kit contains the forms that you need to complete to start the claims process:

  • FLTCIP Claims Initiation Form
  • Medical Release
  • IRS Form W-9
  • Authorization for Disclosure of Information (optional)

You can download the kit and these forms in the Tools & Resources section.

Additional forms
A formal document designating a legal representative is necessary if you plan to allow someone other than yourself to make decisions and take action on your claim. The most common document used for this purpose is a power of attorney (POA). Learn more about different POA documents.

Submit your completed forms to:


Next Steps...

We may need additional information

As part of determining if you're eligible for benefits, we may also:

Contact you

your physician, or other persons familiar with your condition.

Request to have you examined

by a licensed health care practitioner (at our expense).

Access your medical records

to get information about your condition or the services provided to you (we cannot approve a claim if we are not given access to your medical records).

Conduct an on-site assessment

at your residence, by a registered nurse, who is local to your geographic area and employed by our contracted national vendor; the nurse will observe your ability to perform activities of daily living and administer a brief mental status exam.

We'll notify you of our decision

The process to determine if you're eligible for benefits may take several weeks, depending on the amount of information we need to determine your benefit eligibility date (the date when you started needing long term care assistance).

We'll send you a written notice of our decision no later than 10 business days after we receive all of the requested information. A care coordinator will also call you to discuss our decision.

If approved

We'll include instructions on how to submit claims for reimbursement. We'll also assign a team of care coordinators to work with you and your family to develop a plan of care that best meets your needs.

If denied

If you feel that you are eligible for benefits, you may request a review of the denial by sending a written request to us no later than 60 days after the date of the denial. Refer to your benefit booklet for more information about the appeals process.