The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) offers webinars to help educate you on important topics like retirement planning, personal finance, and long term care. Our speakers explain how these topics relate to planning for your future. Register today for a live webcast that includes a Q&A session with the presenter; all events are available for viewing on-demand after the live event is over.

Spring 2020 FLTCIP Webinar Series

MAR 24
The FLTCIP (Part 1 of 2): Why Should I Plan for My Own Long Term Care
MAR 25
The FLTCIP (Part 2 of 2): Protecting Your Retirement with a Plan for Long Term Care
MAY 14
The Caregiving Journey
MAY 19
What's Your Long Term Care IQ?
JUN 11
FLTCIP 3.0: A Closer Look

Federal Benefits

APR 28
Continuing Life Insurance Into Retirement
APR 29
Life Events: Managing Your Benefits Through Change
How Your Federal Benefits Work Together

Retirement and Finance

Financial Planning: A Family Affair
MAY 27
Timing Your Retirement: What's the Best Date?
Managing Cash Flow in Retirement


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