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We offer online educational resources for FLTCIP enrollees to help you learn more about your FLTCIP coverage. You can register in advance for our upcoming webinars or watch on-demand webinars and videos at your convenience.

Webinars and Videos

FLTCIP Enrollee Education

Benefit Eligibility Review for FLTCIP Claimants
Your FLTCIP Claims Dashboard
Safety at Home: How the FLTCIP Supports Aging in Place
Understanding the FLTCIP Waiting Period Video thumbnail: Understanding the FLTCIP Waiting Period

Understanding the FLTCIP Waiting Period and accessing your benefits.

Health and Wellness

Cognitive Fitness: A 6-Step Plan for Long Term Brain Health
Aging in Place: Cognitive Rehabilitation and Strategies to Manage Cognitive Changes
Annual Eye Exams Can Tell You a Lot About Your Overall Health
Good Dental Health Improves Overall Health

Uniformed Services

Understanding VA Long Term Care Benefits


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